Monitor Audio’s Silver Series 7G speakers deliver distortion-free sound to make your heart pound

Crank it up, keep it crisp
09 August 2021 / 8:00BST

Not the future of data connectivity, Monitor Audio’s Silver Series 7G is actually the seventh generation of its sweet-sounding speakers. From bookshelf to cinema room, the updated range of eight covers every aspect of an audiophile’s abode. The big boss is the Silver 300 (£1,450), a floor-standing centrepiece with Rigid Surface Technology II, featuring hexagonal cone structures for distortion-free listening at the loudest volumes. Ready to perch on top is the Silver AMS (£650), which plays nice with Dolby Atmos to create room-filling 3D sound. Monitor Audio has actually reduced the size of mid-range drivers across the line-up, for a slicker crossover with the redesigned tweeters. New real wood trims keep things fresh, while revamped ABS feet increase stability – something we could all use after a big dose of bass.