If your stock has recently dropped in the workplace (not participating in tea rounds, poisoning the boss, etc) then nothing will restore your popularity more than whipping out a tiny desktop vacuum cleaner.

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Henry is probably the coolest guy in the world of full-sized vacuum cleaners, and his mini desktop version is the last word in gadget cuteness. Powered by 2x AA batteries, just whip him out, switch him on and you’ll be surrounded by cooing workmates quicker than you can say “free cake”.

But it’s not all about his charming looks – if you’re the type of person that snarfs sandwiches at their desk and could probably feed a family of seagulls with the crumbs secreted in their keyboard, then Henry will suck up all your desktop detritus into his little red belly (or pink, if you go for the more feminine Hetty).

That said, be sure to reserve half an hour for this, as he’s not the most effective sucker we’ve seen. But having this little guy on your desk will cheer even the most dreary of days – and he’s a lot more practical than a full-size Henry squatting on your desk.


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Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner review

The cutest solution to desktop crumbs you’ll ever see