We used to think repainting the railings was the least enjoyable job in home improvement, but that changed when Hammerite let us have a go on its Metalmaster paint gun.

By creating an electrostatic field around the metal, the paint particles are actually attracted to its surface. In fact they swirl right around the metal object to coat it evenly on both sides as if by magic.

Spray that again

The Metalmaster, despite the impressive name, isn’t much to look at. The lightweight, battery powered plastic gun has a large compartment for the paint canister, a trigger and a long slit through which it fires the paint.

There’s also a dangling lead with a crocodile clip on the end. This clips onto the metal object that you’re about to paint to create the electrostatic field around it. Hammerite calls this ‘3D precision wrap technology’ but, whatever it is, it’s unique to Metalmaster and it works.

Once the tedious job of cleaning and sanding them is out the way, setting to work on rusty railing with Metalmaster is actually hugely satisfying. You simply hold the gun within a foot of the metal and press the trigger. A mist of paint emerges that’s mysteriously drawn to the metal surface, swirling around both sides. Minutes later you have an even covering of paint and new-looking railings.

Paint it black

The proprietary paint refills are a tad expensive at just under £15 each, but then they do last very well because the electrostatic system means there’s no wastage. The paint is drawn to the metal, so you simply can’t miss.

One canister will coat several meters of metal and the really good news is that you won’t need any primer or undercoat. According to Hammerite, one blast of its new Metalmaster paint is all you need.

Any metal surface that has some magnetism is fair game for the Metalmaster treatment. Garden furniture, tools, sculpture can all benefit – just remember to attach the crocodile clip or the paint will go everywhere. Otherwise, this simple, but groundbreaking device is by far the easiest way to paint metal.


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Hammerite Metalmaster review

Painting the railings just became four times faster and twice as fun thanks to this electrostatic paint gun