We didn’t pick this washing machine out of the pack on the strength of its looks but, you have to admit, it’s a handsome fellow. The chiselled features come from Slovenia where Gorenje is something of a manufacturing legend. In fact, the UK is the last piece in Gorenje’s export market jigsaw.

Spinning around

As you might have guessed from the streamlined bodywork and moody paint job, the beautifully named WA 72145 is a high performance machine with a big 7kg drum and a max spin speed of 1,400 rpm that’ll wring your clothes almost dry. Remarkably, the motor purrs away at a very low noise level and it still manages to attain an AAA energy rating.

There are some clever features on board too. Using Logic, for example, works out the most efficient way to wash each load to conserve water and detergent and it can perform a self-diagnostic to make sure everything is tip top too.

Bargain washer

What’s even more amazing is the modest price tag. Gorenje is noted for its almost bullet-proof build quality and the WA 72145 currently sits near the top of the brand’s product tree, so you might expect a large premium, but happily that’s not the case.

The semi-automated Slovenian factory that churns these things out has become super efficient of late and you’ll find this washer selling for a bargain £390. And it’s even available in Death Star black. 


Stuff says... 

Gorenje WA 72145 review

This bargain washer is built to last, has a powerful spin cycle and a dolphin-friendly AAA rating