Just like the drummer who sits behind the rest of the band and concentrates on keeping the beat while the singer makes a spectacle of himself at the front of the stage, Goldring’s NS1000 noise-cancelling headphones are as effective as they are unglamorous. Their lure is based entirely on how good a job they do.

No frills construction

It’s possible to put a positive spin on the Goldrings’ workmanlike appearance, anyway. After all, you’re not going to get held up at knife-point for your NS1000s – which are a festival of painted plastic and ear-cup material so absorbent you could grow cress in it – while people are still swanning about wearing Monster Beats.

The Goldrings’ proprietary Active Noise Reduction technology is powered (for up to 40 hours at a time) by a single AAA battery housed in one of the ear-cups.

The detachable, single-sided cable comes courtesy of specialists QED. And if you look beyond the NS1000s’ Clark Kent appearance you’ll find Superman-esque performance.    

High-end performers

Sound, regardless of the type of music you’re playing, is expansive and crisply energetic. Low frequency punch and control is never in doubt, and the midrange is sweetly communicative – voices are immediate and expressive.


The Goldrings integrate the frequency range smoothly, without any of the obvious tell-tales – white or pink noise in the background, or that rather pinched, nasal quality in the midrange – less capable noise-cancelling designs are so fond of.

In fact, they put up such a good showing that the NS1000s aren’t outclassed if judged purely as a £100 pair of over-ear headphones.

Add in the fact that they’re more effective as noise-cancellers as some devices that cost twice as much, and they start to look a bit of a bargain. If you can’t or won’t stretch to a pair of Bose Quietcomfort 15s, these are the obvious place to make a saving without compromising on quality.


Stuff says... 

Goldring NS1000 review

By far the best noise-cancelling headphones for the price, with sound to match pricier rivals