Honestly, we were taken with this odd little game from the moment we laid eyes on the charming intro animation. The hero – an allergy-riddled young pig with an endless supply of mucus – must outwit the invading monsters and sneeze his way to victory.

You'll have to lure various monsters into traps with nothing for bait but yourself and your tasty, tasty snot which those monsters just can't get enough of. The whole thing makes us feel a bit queasy.

Collecting stars is essential to get through to the next batch of levels, but wouldn't you have guessed it – most of them are sitting right next to the beasts you're trying so hard to avoid. It's made even more difficult because if a monster runs through a star or your snot hits it, it's destroyed.

The control system is very straightforward, requiring a tap of the screen where you want to move to, while aiming sneezes is a pull-back-and-ping affair with a targeting line helping you to snot miss your target. There are different kinds of nose slime, as patches of flowers supercharge your sinuses for an extra long range bogey, or make it sticky enough to drag our porcine protagonist with it.

From the colourful hand-drawn characters to the brilliantly original soundtrack, Gesundheit! charms all the way through, but if you think it's going to be child's play, you're wrong. The game gets difficult quickly, thoroughly testing both your puzzle-solving abilities and your reactions as you must plan each level carefully and execute your manoeuvres with precision to escape getting the snot chewed out of you.

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Gesundheit review

Original, challenging and charming – not to be sneezed at