The GenevaSound iPod docks that have arrived at the Stuff office have generally caused minor earthquakes such is their tendency towards giant dimensions.    

So it's startling to find that the Model S is only as big as a B&W Zeppelin Mini, rather than a road-going Mini.

It's an attractive little box, nicely finished and available in black or a rather sudden red, as well as the white seen here. Docking for all iPods, 30 Watts of power, a 3.5mm input and FM radio reception start and finish the brief spec.

Model S has it clicked

The dock itself is powered, disappearing into the Model S when not in use – an action that had the Stuff office mesmerized –  and the control interface is a swish, illuminated, touch-sensitive affair that mimics the iPod's Click Wheel.

All very impressive, except that GenevaSound might have taken the clicky thing a little too far: our Model S sounded like a Geiger counter when we changed the volume.

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Whether playing a lossless file or stuff bought from iTunes, the Model S is a robust, even forceful listen. It's capable of much bigger scale and presence than the cabinet suggests, offers respectable low-end punch and there's enough space in the articulate midrange to let vocalists shine.

Although the frequency range is neatly integrated, at the anti-social end of the volume control the treble became a bit bawdy. It's not a deal-breaker, but it's worth being aware of the next time you play your G.W.A.R. collection.

Otherwise, the news is categorically good for this discreet box of tricks. Five stars it is.


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Geneva Sound S review

Great looks combine with surprisingly hefty performance from the littlest GenevaSound box