The nüvi 1690’s job seems clear: to take on TomTom’s Go 950 LIVE. That’s a tall order given that the nüvi is more expensive and lacks North American mapping.

But then, it does come with a year’s free SIM card-powered nüLink services including traffic and safety camera warnings, Google Local Search and fuel price info.

Over a year, it actually works out cheaper than the TomTom.

TomTom or go?

While it’s a close-run thing, we’d take this over the TomTom, and not just because of the money. Graphically it’s got the edge – although the rival Navigon’s better still – making it very easy to use.

Plus, its speed camera and fuel updates are available in 15 nations, unlike TomTom’s five.

Garmin scores bonus points for its Flight Status service – it’s particularly handy for timing  tricky airport pick-ups.

Stuff says... 

Garmin nuvi 1690 review

A fine, fully connected sat-nav, and the “fit-and-forget” price (at least for a year) is a real bonus