Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the road ahead and check out jams before you got snagged in them? That’s the Garmin nuLink 2390’s secret weapon. Via its integrated SIM card it can feed you up-to-the-minute still images from traffic cameras all over the UK.

Ready, set, go

Out of the box, Garmin treats you to a year’s access to the images, as well as weather, fuel price and advanced speed camera information. You can search Google, too. But while Garmin was busy levering all that 21st century loveliness into the nuLink, any attempt at styling was forgotten.

That isn’t a problem in terms of usability, though. The mounting gear is top-notch, and tapping in a postcode and street name is simple work. In fact, from the main screen you can connect your mobile, adjust the volume and access the Garmin store to buy apps additional apps.

Camera action

Within a couple of minutes of switching on you can be looking at any traffic camera in the UK and adapting your journey. This feels like a real treat, allowing you to accept or ignore the advice of radio traffic reports and motorway signs.


On the move, the Garmin is fantastic. Real photos of junctions are displayed for crystal-clear directions of the next turn. Similarly, the choice of colours and icons on screen mean quick glances between the road and the unit never confuse.

Ticks all the boxes

We haven’t seen such a complete sat-nav in quite a while. The Garmin nuLink 2390 talks a big game, but that would mean nothing if it didn’t follow through with the basics. Fortunately its live camera tricks are based on solid ground.

The nuLink 2390 has a bright, clear screen, a quality built-in speaker and does the key navigation things extremely well. Integrated Bluetooth, apps and trip-planning software make it a cut above the rest.

Stuff says... 

Garmin nuLink 2390 review

Google search, weather, fuel prices and traffic images, all for a reasonable £230