Game development might sound glamourous, but in reality it's all hard work, late nights and low pay.

Luckily, Game Dev Story isn't interested in all that boring stuff, and the hardworking basement monkeys at Kairosoft have put together an astoundingly addictive little game. Over a 20 year period you oversee your little games studio – hiring, firing, and hopefully developing heavy hit after heavy hit after heavy hit. And no, it's not 20 years in real time.

The game world events broadly follow real world releases, with a string of barely disguised platform titles – Sonny PlayStatus, anyone? Your job is to pick the platforms, the game genre and direction and start developing.

You look down upon your charming 8-bit isometric office and its workers, and get on with business. Training adds skills to your crew, and you can speed things up by purchasing helpful (but pricey) boosters which help you rack up fun, creativity, graphics or sound points for your soon-to-be mega hit.

Somehow it just works, and the straightforward menu system and easy to decipher icons make it easy to get into. Frighteningly, we found it all to easy to spend hours wrapped up in our little virtual office.

Game Dev Story is a game which truly took us by surprise. Excuse us – we're off to develop a game for the Senga Uranus...

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Game Dev Story review

Thankfully, as far as you can get from the dull reality of games development