You might be an expert, you might be a beginner, but no matter how good you are, you can’t beat gravity forever. At some point, you will fall. And when you do, your coccyx will be praying you’re wearing Forcefield Action Shorts to soften the impact.

Tail-first touchdown

The bit that hits the ground first is often your backside, particularly if you are a snowboarder. Standing sideways to the slope means when your skills fail, it’s often your coccyx that hits first.

The Forcefield Action Shorts Sport are different from many other impact protection shorts such as Dainese or SixSixOne in that they don’t use hard shell pads.

They look like cycle shorts and have a series of strategically placed pockets with removable pads. These pads are made from TPro Dual Layer Armourflex, a patented, energy absorbing material. 

Slowed impact, softer impact

Although flexible this high-tech substance dissipates force evenly away from the contact point. It slows the rate of the impact by a few milliseconds and this means the force transmitted to the wearer’s body is decreased sufficiently to reduce or prevent injury.

What’s more, the Forcefields are very comfortable to wear. They’re made from Lycra and once on you don’t notice the padding, unlike some hard-shell protection shorts that feel like you are wearing a pair of incontinence pants.

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Under the wash

Because they’re made from Lycra they are easy to wash. Just remove the protection pads from their pockets and chuck them in the machine.

The Action Shorts' 'soft' armour could also be their weakness, though. Care needs to be taken putting them on and taking them off as well as when the pads are removed and refitted as they are tight fitting and the stitching could be a weak spot.

Our only minor gripe is that the back doesn’t get as much padding as the front. The coccyx, rear of the pelvis and lower spine could do with a little more coverage than they get. But aside from this, they’re a fine pair of impact shorts.


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