Slice fruit with finger. Avoid bombs. Repeat.

The premise of last year's Fruit Ninja may sound simple but proved to be deceptively potent stuff - convincing millions to make fruit salad the ninja way. Now Chillingo has set out to replicate Fruit Ninja's tactile appeal with Food Processing.

Instead of slicing flying fruit, Food Processing challenges players to process vegetables as they trundle along conveyor belts.

But where Fruit Ninja reduced the action to simple finger swishes, Food Processing requires you to deal with each vegetable in a different way. Corn-on-the-cobs need to be sliced into three, walnuts have to be cracked open with a double tap and pomegranates must be pierced with a tap and then pulled apart.

Deal a vegetable in the wrong way or process any rotten veg and you'll lose one of your three lives. The longer you survive the tougher things get with faster conveyor belts and more types of food to process.

But Food Processing's attempt to build on the basic nature of Fruit Ninja is marred by its pernickety controls.

Fast swipes of your finger often fail to register, forcing you to process food with slow, deliberate drags. There's little forgiveness of inaccuracy either, so sloppier cuts can lose you lives. And when the action hots up the screen becomes a mess of splattered food and score notifications that hamper your ability to process food accurately.

The result is a game that comes on like a nit-picking boss who's just dying to give you the sack. Like its production line setting, Food Processing is more grind than joy.

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Food Processing review

More depth than Fruit Ninja, but marred by fiddly controls

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