Brought to you by the people behind Robosapien, the Dragonfly has four flapping wings (two up, two down), which mimic the action of a real dragonfly, allowing it to hover and soar with such agility.

Fly, my pretty!

Launch it into the air like a paper aeroplane, open the throttles on the remote and the super-light polystyrene beastie flaps up and away.

Designed for indoors, it's tough enough to withstand being repeatedly flown into the patio doors - although if you land it on the tongue of a yawning rottweiler, it's game over.

Getting the Dragonfly into the air might not be a problem, but keeping it there is. In recognition of this, the remote offers beginner or advanced settings.

The two joysticks (left one for throttle, right for banking left or right) are far more sensitive than other RC toys, but once you have the eureka moment and 'get it', the dragonfly is capable of soaring, gliding and hovering - not to mention lunatic dive-bombs.

Charging the dragon

To juice up your robo-insect, simply perch it on the controller and plug it in. You'll get up to 10 minutes’ flight from a single charge, which takes about 20-30 minutes.

In terms of value, it's a steal – especially when you realise there's nothing else like it. Guaranteed to impress even the most hardened 'seen-it-all, got the binary t-shirt' nerd.

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Flytech Dragonfly review

The Dragonfly is a brilliant and unique toy – challenging to fly but more rewarding than most mini choppers

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