Relaxing and addictive is a combination not many games can claim, but Osmos HD is exactly that.

We're struggling to pigeon-hole Osmos HD, but if we had to, we'd describe it as a floaty space-based physics suck-em-up puzzler. Like we said, we're struggling.

The aim of the game is blob domination – become the biggest blob on the screen and you've won. If you're bigger than another blob you can absorb it, sucking up its mass to make you even bigger, but if you're smaller, it'll suck you up instead.

Tapping the screen around your blob, or "mote" as the blobs are called in Osmos HD, sends out a little jet of matter from its corresponding side. This is how you steer your blob, but it also drains your mass like a water bomb with a puncture.

A feature we particularly like is the option to speed up or slow down time – sliding a finger left or right anywhere on the screen helps you whizz through open space, or take it slow for a tricky section.

Its floaty space setting and ambient backing music make it a reasonable stress-reliever and you may even find you're fairly apathetic about dying.

Osmos has been assimilating platforms, too – it first appeared on PC, then iOS before finally landing on Android. This is one that is definitely best played on a tablet rather than a phone – though it is possible with pinch-zoom controls – as the extra elbow room gives you a bit more time to plan ahead and enjoy the experience.

Osmos HD isn't cheap but it's great fun and perfect if you need to take a break from frantically slashing your way through the likes of Infinity Blade II.

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Osmos HD review

This blob will suck away your time – but you'll enjoy every minute