As with other games from publishing house Chillingo (Cut the Rope, anyone?) this one's game mechanic is spelled out big and bold in the title.

Inexplicably, a fantasy world is flooding with oil and you are tasked with channelling said oil into the waiting gobs of a cornucopia of freakish-but-friendly monsters who love the taste of a dash of fresh crude.

Things start off simply as you carefully position a few ramps and platforms to usher the black stuff on its way, but then it's taken up a notch when you start needing to use magnets, swirling winds and fans to get the oil from A to Bouche.

There are tips available should you get stuck, but what you're really after is to beat the system and win points for your ingenuity by using as few items as possible. You might spill a bit along the way, but as long as most of it goes where it should you still pass the level.

The colourful visual style and jaunty (though a mite repetitive) tunes provide a fitting accompaniment to the gameplay.

Perfect to pick up for a quick minute and come back to later, each of the 30-plus levels provide a meaty challenge and are rewarding to complete. We love the simple premise and, at times, tough gameplay. Our puzzle gland is oiled up and hungry for more.

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Feed Me Oil review

An unusual diet makes for a slick puzzler