Which fitness app is best for you?

Best for gym bunnies: Jefit

Quit paying that personal trainer: a bank of more than 1300 exercises (each explained with animations) together with a host of workout plans make Jefit a true motion-motivator.

What’s more, gym logs and performance charts leave little to the imagination, so you’ll have to stop stretching the truth about your one-rep max. If you’re more of a trailblazer, you can create your own routines, too.

Download Jefit for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download Jefit for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for social sweaters: Fitocracy

Points very often mean prizes – and if you track your workouts with Fitocracy, the prize is likely to be a toned tummy and the willpower to refuse that second donut.

The app rewards your efforts with points in a bid to make exercise a game, with a whole community of like-minded Fitocrats to back you up as you rise through the levels – or, you know, flounder at the bottom.

Download Fitocracy for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download Fitocracy for Android here (£free/IAP)


Best for pavement pounders: Runtastic

If you prefer a little old-school sprinting, Runtastic will jot down your jogs with GPS logging, as well as delivering duration, distance and calorie data which can be exported to other fitness apps.

Audio feedback makes hitting that personal best a breeze, as do social leaderboards that show up any slackers in your midst. 

Prefer to crunch your abs? Runtastic's dedicated Six Pack app promises to tone tummies in mere weeks.

Download Runtastic for iOS here (£free/IAP)

Download Runtastic for Android here (£free/IAP)

Best for slow movers: Fitbit

If your pace is a little more sedate, Fitbit’s app makes step-tracking a doddle. Don't own a wearable to pair it with? It'll use your smartphone’s accelerometer to sense your movement, as daily goals get you pacing.

A simple interface paired with nifty features such as GPS logging make it winner for walkers, while social challenges mean you can put your pals to the test with a weekend step-off.

Download Fitbit for iOS here (£free)

Download Fitbit for Android here (£free)

Best for skint strollers: Sweatcoin

If someone threw pennies at you every time you walked a mile, you’d probably lose your rag. Mercifully, Sweatcoin's realised this and instead rewards your efforts with digital currency that doesn’t sting like a copper to the temple.

Using a combination of your phone’s accelerometer and GPS tech, it tracks your steps and converts your daily total into currency that can be redeemed for PayPal vouchers, shoes and tech. The only catch is a hit to your battery life.

Download Sweatcoin for iOS here (£free)

Download Sweatcoin for Android here (£free)