The Weekend Spend – frugal fun with Sherlock, Bioshock and robot blocks

It's the tail end of January, and funds are running low. Not to worry, you can still liven up your life with these bargain buys
Cubebot Micro

Goo.ey (from £15)


This handy mobile skin sticks to the back of your smartphone or tablet; it's made of a polyurethane epoxy with 3M adhesive, meaning you can stick your gadget to any glossy surface. Including vertical ones, if you feel like living dangerously.

It's available for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4 and up, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 – and Selfridges has an exclusive variant in its signature yellow hue.

Cubebot Micro (£10)

Cubebot Micro

Inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-Ki puzzles, this dinky little wooden robot folds up from a multicoloured, poseable figure into a box. Okay, it's not exactly Optimus Prime, but it makes for a perfect desk toy with a touch of style.

Sherlock Series 3 Blu-ray (£17)

Reacquaint yourself with Benedict Cumberbatch's super-sleuth with his latest adventures on Blu-ray, as he returns from the dead, takes on master blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen, and faces his greatest challenge ever: delivering the best man's speech at Watson's wedding.

With a blockbuster cast, and twisty-turny plotting courtesy of showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, it should make the weekend fly by.

Lomography Diana F Keychain (£5)

Lomography Diana F Keychain

If an actual Lomography camera is beyond your limited means (your very limited means; it's only £50), you can show your allegiance to the hipster's preferred analogue snapper with this keychain. For added hipster cred, take a Lomo photo of it.

Technology Will Save Us Thirsty Plant Kit (£23)

Technology Will Save Us Thirsty Plant Kit

Educate yourself in the ways of tech with this DIY kit – after an hour of tinkering, you'll have a solar-powered plant monitor that'll flash when your foliage needs some fluids.

Bonus: you can use it to keep your vegetables alive, which will come in handy when your funds run out and you're scrabbling for something to eat at the end of the month.

Bioshock Infinite (£5.49)

Ken Levine's provocative shooter aims to educate you in the hypocrisies of American history – while you set about the denizens of floating city Columbia with an array of steampunk weaponry. A touch more thoughtful than your average Call of Warfare: Modern Battlefield. And it's only a fiver to download at Game! Hooray.

The Mu Folding USB Plug (£25)

The Mu Folding USB Plug

This incredibly handy gizmo folds down from a standard three-pin UK plug to a mere 14mm thick – carry it around in your pocket and your smartphone or tablet need never go without charge as long as you're near a socket. The Design Museum has three exclusive variant designs available, for an added dash of style.

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