The Weekend Spend: Assassin's Creed, Thor and killer gadgets for less than £50

We've rounded up a selection of design classics, tech bargains and entertainment to while away your weekend
Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray

Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray (£13)

Marvel's God of Thunder returns for another loopy space opera with fantasy overtones. This time around, he's doing battle with Christopher Eccleston's dark elf Malekith, who's trying to destroy the Nine Realms with a conjunction of… oh, just go with it.

Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor brings some welcome grit to the Asgardian warrior prince's adventures, while the film's London setting keeps all the cosmic lunacy grounded (though the inaccurate Tube geography will have Londoners gritting their teeth with rage).

The Blu-ray release comes with the hilarious Marvel One-Shot short "All Hail The King," featuring the further adventures of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin after the events of Iron Man 3 – which is worth the purchase price on its own, frankly.

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Denon Urban Raver AH-D320 Headphones (£40 from £185)

Denon Urban Raver AH-D320 Headphones

These bass-heavy on-ears are selling for a whopping £145 off at Zaavi – perfect for penurious lovers of dubstep. They've got a handy inline remote/mic and detachable cable, too. Get an extra 5 per cent off the price by using the code "welcome" at the checkout.

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This Assassin's Creed DLC hits Steam this week as a standalone game (you can also pick it up for other formats and as DLC). Set after the events of pirate adventure Black Flag, it puts you in the shoes of slave-turned-assassin Adewale, on a mission of emancipation aboard his ship the Experto Crede. All the pirate adventure you could hope for, plus you get a blunderbuss. What's not to like?

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Trimphone (£40)

We know, we know; in this era of smartphones, who wants a corded telephone? Well, if you're going to have one in the house, it might as well look pretty. This design classic from the GPO brought a touch of style to telephony in 1960s households. Now it's been revived as a replica with modern push-button dialing.

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Skateback iPhone 5 cover (£30)

Everyone who slaps a case on their smartphone is trying to express their individuality. With this case, you know you're getting something unique – each one is made from recycled skateboards, meaning that no two are alike. You special snowflake, you. Just don't try to grind on it.

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