The Weekend Spend – 5 ace objects you can pick up for £50 or less

The weekend is here, you've got a spare wad of cash – but how best to spend it? We've scoured the shops for a selection of splendid stuff you can pick up right now
Braun ET66 reissue

PKparis K'1 32GB USB key (£35)

PKparis K'1 32GB USB key

The world's smallest USB 3.0 key, this tiny flash drive crams a whopping 32GB into a device that sticks out a mere 5mm from your computer. No, we're not sure where it puts all those gigabytes, either. Inspired by the MacBook Air's MagSafe power adaptor, it'll look suitably slick attached to your Apple lappy or an Ultrabook; it also has a neat little loop for attaching a lanyard so you won't lose it (a very real risk).

A 64GB version is also available for £55.

Beautiful Lego (£16)

Beautiful Lego

Lego bricks may be a children's toy, but they're first and foremost a building material – and in this coffee table tome, an array of artists have set down their paintbrushes and chisels and used Lego bricks to create some astounding works of art. Beautiful Lego showcases everything from whimsical robots to sculptural figures to futuristic cityscapes – if it doesn't inspire you to rummage around in your Lego bin, nothing will.