The Weekend Spend – 5 ace objects you can pick up for £50 or less

Got money to burn and nothing to spend it on? We've picked out some desirable objects to help solve your dilemma
Lego Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

It's the weekend, you've got a spare wad of cash – but how best to spend it?

We've scoured the shops for a selection of splendid stuff you can pick up for less than £50 – because you need to scratch that consumer itch, but you don't want to bankrupt yourself buying Fabergé eggs like they're Creme Eggs.

Fifty Bicycles that Changed the World (£13)

Fifty Bicycles that Changed the World

The bicycle is more popular than ever these days; show your allegiance to the two-wheeled steed with this tome from the Design Museum. Curator Alex Newson picks out the most important machines in cycling history, from penny-farthings to modern concept bikes. 

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Grand Theft Auto 5 (£50)

Grand Theft Auto 5

The summer holidays might be over, but you can still visit sunny California with the latest instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series. All the GTA hallmarks are present and correct: Rockstar Games' biting, satirical take on modern America, a sprawling map to explore, and – of course – vehicular mayhem to cause.

With three criminals to control, intricate heists to plan, and a massive game world that takes in towns, countryside and the city of San Andreas, one thing's for sure: this game is going to take longer than a weekend to finish. 

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Apple iPhone 5S case (£35)

Apple iPhone 5S case

Picking up a brand-new iPhone 5S this weekend? You'll want to protect it from the elements – and what better way to do that than with Apple's official case? Available in six different hues, the leather case has a soft microfibre lining to prevent your precious phone from scratches (though some might argue that Apple should've made the iPhone less scratchable in the first place…). 

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Lego Solomon R Guggenheim Museum (£35)

Lego Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

Love Lego, but want to create something a bit more refined than the Millennium Falcon? Check out this kit from the Lego Architecture series and recreate Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic "temple of spirit" in the medium of plastic bricks. And then dismantle it and make a spaceship.

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Cardboard radio (£15)

Cardboard radio

Who needs expensive DAB radios and smartphone docks? Blast out your tunes through this cardboard speaker instead – you can even personalise it by doodling on it. Just don't take it out in the rain. 

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