Weapons of voice: our 11 favourite ways to use Siri

8. Turning on Night Shift

Say this: 'Hey Siri, turn on Nightshift'

One of our favourite features of iOS 9.3 is the Flux-aping Night Shift mode, which lowers the screen's levels of blue light towards the end of the day to (supposedly) help keep your circadian rhythm on track.

It works automatically using your time and geolocation, but sometimes we ask Siri to tweak it when we need an early night or want to beat jetlag. Unfortunately, Siri can't yet do the same for the iPad Pro 9.7's True Tone mode. One for your 'to do' list eh, Siri? 

9. Tracking down old photos

Say this: "Show me my photos from [insert date or place]"

Even if you're organised enough to use albums in Apple's Photos app, tracking down a particular snap to show friends can result in an awkward silence while your swipe through all those shots of your favourite culinary creations.

Which is why it's sometimes easier to ask Siri, who can find photos by place, date or even photo type (go on, ask her to "show me my selfies", if you must).

10. In-car phone calls


Say this: "Hey Siri, call my [insert relation]"

One of the places where Siri comes in particularly handy is the car, where we often call on her to make phone calls while we keep our hands at '10-and-2' just as we told in our driving lessons. 

To make things more natural, you can assign informal labels to names in your contacts by saying "Anthony Gailbraith is my brother", allowing you to then command "call by brother" instead of having to remember his name. Which leads us to...

11. Making Siri your BFF

Say this: "Hey Siri, call me [insert hilarious nickname]"

Sometimes conversations with Siri can feel like a bit like talking to an old friend you haven't seen for fifteen years at a school reunion, if that person also happened to be wearing earmuffs.

To make things less stilted, it's best to teach Siri your nickname. As my name is Mark I've hilariously asked Siri to call me 'funky bunch', but it goes without saying that slightly imaginative names can be a source of great A.I 'bants'.