Weapons of voice: our 11 favourite ways to use Siri

4. Avoiding a soaking

Say this: "Hey Siri, should I bring an umbrella?"

Sure, you could fire up Dark Sky to find out whether those clouds pose any genuine threat, but that's easy on a weekday morning when you're attempting to simultaneously locate your keys and rescue some burnt porridge.

Say this command in a pleading tone, and Siri will tell you whether or not to reach for the brolly in a chirpy fashion that masks her deep disappointment in your deficiencies as a human being.

5. Beating indecision

Say this: "Hey Siri, roll a six-sided die"

Our brain is frequently cursed by human 'spinning beach ball', rendering us incapable of making even simple decisions. Paella or sushi for dinner? Firefly or Narcos on Netflix? Tesla Model 3 or fancy wedding?

Okay, it might not be a good idea to consult Siri for the last one, but for everything else you can ask her to 'flip a coin' or 'roll a die'. It's so addictive we might use her to help us write a 21st-century version of The Dice Man.

6. Finding out the score

Say this: "Hey Siri, what was the [insert team] score?"

We're not sure if it's because Siri has been eavesdropping on us banging on about 'the big game' a lot lately, but she's able to very quickly deliver us football scores without even us even mentioning the sport in our question.

Not only that, she even outdoes Jeff Stelling by embellishing her response with choice phrases like "soundly defeated" and "crushed", making it our favourite way to get the footy scores (at least when our team wins).

7. Understanding mumbling TV characters

Say this (for Apple TV only): "What did he/she say?"

How we wish this had been around for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. One of the best features of the latest Apple TV, this command prompts Siri to skip back 15 seconds and temporarily turn on the subtitles so you can catch any missing dialogue.

You can also skipping forwards or backwards through a show with a simple voice command, safe in the knowledge that the Apple TV's quieter Siri won't destroy the atmosphere of your Nordic thriller with her signature 'ding'.