Video games are good for you

Massive brain workout

I'm not saying that gaming turns you into a lightning-fast, strategic savant, but keeping your noggin on its toes can only be a good thing, especially as you get older.

Additional tests on brain-teasing games have also shown how they might help slow down the mental-ageing process, in a similar way to crosswords, sudoku and other activities that give your brain a work out.

None of these studies have actually definitively proven that a game a day should be added to your fruit and veg count of course, but they do show positive effects games may have on our minds. Speaking of which...

They’re fun Hopefully you already knew this but video games are actually fun. Very fun. Who doesn't like fun? Buzz Killington, that’s who. They're also very good for stress.

There's nothing like coming back home after a long day in the office, and losing yourself in a fantasy world in which you fight dragons, wield magical spells and buy tonnes of cheese wheels to roll down the side of a huge mountain, just because you can.

Video games are a form of escapism and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just as long as you're not letting them take over your life.

Pro tip: If you're beginning to smell, it's time to put down the controller, take a shower and go smell the roses, if you've got any.