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13 best gloves and mittens 2022: keep your paws warm this winter

Mitts to fend off frostbite

With temperatures heading south, the last thing you need is raw paws. Gloveless and shivering, your poor frozen fingers will have no hope of tapping for a taxi.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you glove up. Whether you’re a winter swimmer or a cold-weather walker, the list below features our pick of the best hand-warmers to insulate your digits and keep your precious paws toasty.

So quit jamming your icy hands into your coat pockets and stop pretending the old rub-and-puff is anything more than a lot of hot air. Pick a pair from our buying guide and you’ll soon be smitten with your mittens.

The dapper tappers: Mujjo Double-Insulated Touchscreen Gloves

Gloves might stop your fingers from freezing, but that’s not much use if you need to take them off every time you want to share a winter Insta story. These mitts feature a stretchy outer shell which mimics the skin’s conductive properties, so you can use your touchscreen without frisking frostbite for the ‘Gram. This double-insulated edition is laminated with wind-resistant Micro Fleece and 3M Thinsulate for ultimate warmth, whether you’re scrolling or lobbing snowballs.

The breeze blockers: Ronhill Unisex Wind Block

A whipping Arctic gale is enough to make any winter spring unbearable. These lightweight thermal numbers can’t turn up nature’s thermostat, but they can stop the icy wind from gnawing at your fingers. Outer windproof panels should keep the breeze at bay, while a towelled thumb strip is handy for wiping away any perspiration that hasn’t frozen on your face.

The grippy grabbers: Hestra Highland

Buy the Hestra Highland here from Alpine Trek

Not every outdoor activity involves ski poles. Sometimes you need to swing an axe, cast a line or shove a sledge off the top of a hill. These functional gloves are designed to deliver grip and durability, whatever winter thing you’re wielding. Windproof, water-resistant and lined with warm merino wool, the Highland’s goatskin palm is properly hard-wearing, while Hestra’s Flextron fabric gives a four-way stretch for full freedom of movement.

The rain repellers: DexShell Touchfit

Persistent winter drizzle can dampen your spirits at the best of times, but leaving your mitts exposed in a downpour will quickly lead to a torrent of torment. These knitted numbers are waterproof but breathable, so your paws will be safe from raindrops and free from sweat. Plus grippy palms should stop you from dropping stuff, even if it’s damp.

The snow stoppers: Helly Hansen Swift HT Mittens

Buy the Helly Hansen Swift HT Mittens here from Helly Hansen

Whether you’re snow-shoeing in the Alps or braving an early-morning stroll to the corner shop, chilly mitts won’t get you very far. Keep your paws warm and working with these insulated mittens from Helly Hansen. Lightweight and breathable, the Swifts ship with waterproof inserts to stop snow from causing sogginess, while the goatskin palm is great for grip and durability.

The woolly warmers: Swisswool Classic Leather

Good enough to keep sheep warm on chilly Swiss slopes, the virgin wool in these traditional gloves will do just the same for your fingers. Milled in Switzerland, the sustainable material stays toasty even when it’s wet. Paired with goatskin palms for extra protection, these classic wrappers won’t leave you bleating in the alpine cold.

The jolly joggers: SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip

Buy the SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove here

For most people, winter weather is a signal to hibernate inside. But for a certain sort of outdoor oddball, sub-zero temperatures are no reason to pause their intrepid pursuits. For those in the latter category, these knitted numbers combine a hydrophilic membrane with a Merino wool interior for skin-hugging warmth and total waterproof protection. So whether you’re hiking, cycling or kayaking, frosty fingers won’t be a worry. Plus silicone tips mean grip’s not an issue.

The sealed skins: Lomo Triathlon & Swimming

Buy the Lomo Tri-X here from Lomo

Fairweather competitors rarely fancy a sprint, cycle or swim in winter. True triathletes try all three. If your multi-sport dedication doesn’t stop when the mercury falls, shield your paws with these stretchy protectors. Made from neoprene, they fit like a second skin for unrivalled warmth. The seams are glued, blind-stitched and liquid-seamed to stop any drops from leaking in, while a wrist gasket prevents water sneaking in at the end.

The balmy baselayers: Burton Power Stretch Glove Liner

Buy the Burton Power Stretch Glove Liner here from Burton

Even for fastidious weather watchers, a cold spell can sometimes come out of nowhere. Stash these low-profile liners in your backpack for effective protection wherever you go. Slim yet wind-resistant, their breathable Power Stretch fabric is designed to offer maximum freedom of movement – great for jamming your ticket into the train station barrier. Touchscreen compatibility means you’ll be able to select your destination, too. Wear them alone or slip them inside a bigger mitten for total cosiness on the commute.

The rugged riders: Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling

Buy the Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling here from Wiggle

Pedal unprotected in a blizzard and you’ll need to peel your frozen fingers from the handlebars. Not with these cycling saviours: designed to deal with the coldest conditions, windproof outer fabric keeps the chilly breeze at bay, while a water-repellent finish sheds spray before it can soak through. And while your tyres might struggle for grip on icy surfaces, a silicone print means your palms won’t slip on the drops.

The ocean-going gauntlets: Musto Hydrotech Gloves

Buy the Musto Hydrotech Gloves here from Apparelly

Outfitter to boatloads of sailors, Musto knows a thing or two about soggy conditions. That’s why its Hydrotech garments are designed to handle the heaviest of downpours. Crafted from lightweight but waterproof fabric, its gauntlets are good for rain, snow and sea spray alike. A tricot lining is soft and warm, while reinforced palms and fingertips give extra grip – ideal if you’re hoisting the main sail. Or clinging on to the deck for dear life.