Upvoted: 10 gloves to help you tackle the cold

Are you ready to fall in (g)love?

Blimey, it's getting a bit nippy outside isn't it?

And you don't want to be caught out in the cold, shivering and gloveless do you? Of course you don't.

Fortunately we're here to help you get those mitts covered with all manner of gloves for every kind of cold occasion.

If you're out for a swim in a cold lake - because why wouldn't you be? - we've got you sorted. 

And if you desperately need to send out that tweet telling everyone about a cat that you just saw in the street, have we got the touchscreen gloves for you.

So stop rubbing your hands together and jamming your icy fingers into that nonexistent pocket for warmth, and come with us as we guide through the bee knees of gloveland.

1. The dapper tappers: Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves (2018)

You’ve got to hand it to them: Mujjo’s latest touchscreen gloves are seriously sleek-looking.

Your fingers, now as stylish as they are warm, will be able to scroll through social media feeds with ease in mid-snowball fight.

These newly upgraded gloves are made out of a stretch-knit fleece fabric that adapts to the shape of your hands, and are engineered to withstand wind and rain.

We’re in (g)love.


2. The wind whackers: Ronhill Unisex Wind Block

Whipping Arctic gales are made a lot more bearable when you’re kitted out with some wind-resistant gloves.

These lightweight thermal jobs will keep your hands cosy, with the added touch of a towelling thumb to wipe away sweat in case the temperature ever creeps above ‘horrible’.


3. The rain repellers: Dexshell Touchfit

Preparing you for every damp eventuality, from drizzly misery to torrential torment via showery annoyance, these waterproof knitted hand-huggers are breathable, grippy in the palms and easy to find in a pile of navy blue parkas.

They’re also available in black, but where’s the fun in that?


4. The snow stoppers: Arc’teryx Venta

Your hands need serious protection when you’re building a life-size snow Noel Edmonds.

The newly improved Ventas have hi-loft fleece fabric on the inside to stop your hands freezing to the bone, while the outer fabric is resistant to snow and rain, with cuffs for easy removal.


5. The tippy tweeters: North Face Etip

Available for both men and women, but not cats, these low-key numbers from North Face have touchscreen-conductive technology on all four fingers and thumb.

They also feature a silicone layer on the palm for extra grip, and four-way stretch fleece linings for added warmth.


6. The grippy ’grammers: Moshi Digits Touchscreen

Soft and functional, Moshi’s touchscreen gloves have a swirly GripTrak pattern to help you avoid dropping your phone.

They’re knitted with a dual-layered microfleece lining to keep you warm while you’re sharing those as-it-happens images of ducks falling over on a frozen pond.


7. The jolly joggers: SealSkinz Stretch Lite

These ultra-light SealSkinz are designed for getting the blood pumping on dark and chilly nights, whether you’re running, walking or just doing push-ups in the snow like a maniac.

They have fast-wicking tech to take the sweat away from your hands, and are NOT made out of actual seals.


8. The swanky swimmers: Lomo Triathlon & Swimming

Triathletes don’t let a bit of rain, snow, ice and apocalypse get in their way.

If you’re up for some winter swimming, or are just worried about slipping in a really big puddle, Lomo’s gloves will save you.

Made from stretchy neoprene, they’re glued and double-stitched with a wrist gasket.


9. The rugged riders: Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling

You’ve just pedalled home through a blizzard and now you need help to peel your frozen fingers off the handlebars.

Not with these cycling gloves, designed to handle the coldest conditions.

Windstopper fabric blocks out wind-chill and a silicone outer layer gives extra grip and durability.

Get them here.

The water wonders: Musto Men’s Hydrotech Gloves

One for wet, rainy days, Musto’s Hydrotech garments are specially designed to hand any kind of rainfall, torrential or otherwise.

Made from a lightweight waterproof fabric with a tricot lining, these nifty gloves are comfortable to wear and also retain heat.

Finished off with reinforced palms and fingers tips for enhanced grip and durability, Musto’s pair come with adjustable cuffs and a clip to keep them together when you’re not wearing them.