Ultimate Setup: Tesco Hudl – the best headphones, cases and accessories

Tesco's budget tablet is flying off the shelves – we've rounded up the best wallet-friendly accessories to get the most out of your supermarket slate
Tesco Hudl

The news that Tesco was working on its very own tablet of caused some merriment among the gadget fraternity.

"A supermarket making a tablet?" scoffed the tech-savvy multitude. "Surely not."

Imagine everyone's surprise, then, when it turned out to be very good indeed – a budget slab that's a credible rival to the Kindle Fires of this world. We said that it "easily deserves four stars" in our review, and the Hudl's flying off the shelves this Christmas.

If you're getting a Hudl, we've rounded up a selection of accessories to help you make the most of your Tesco tablet. 

Tesco Hudl Bumper case (£15)

Tesco Hudl Bumper case

As a family tablet, the Hudl's likely to be prodded by the grubby fingers of children – shield it from their attentions with this case. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in protection, surrounding your slate with a big, bright, bouncy bumper in a fetching red hue.


Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (£20)

Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Pop an office app on the Hudl and it makes for a fine workhorse – make it even more productive with a Bluetooth keyboard and you'll be tap-tapping away to your heart's content. You can finally write that novel you've always been talking about. Or just fill out a tax spreadsheet, whichever.


Huawei E5220 MiFi hotspot (£11/month)

Huawei E5220 MiFi hotspot

Like most 7in tablets, the Hudl doesn't feature a cellular data connection – so if you want to browse on the go, you'll need a MiFi hotspot. Three's Huawei unit is a typical example, with the cheapest option being 1GB of 3G data on a 24-month contract.


Nyko PlayPad (£19)

Nyko PlayPad

With its quad-core processor, the Hudl's great for gaming; take full advantage of its capabilities with a Bluetooth games controller. The Nyko PlayPad is a good option – cheap and cheerful, with a similar rubberised skin to the Hudl, it features a full complement of buttons (including Xbox-style dual triggers) and twin analog thumbpads. It also comes with a handy fold-up stand for tablets – bargain!