Wireless wonder: Sonos Play:1

You'll be needing a way to link your S4 to the hi-fi at home, so why not go the whole hog and upgrade your system to Sonos? 

It may be the new kid on the block in terms of wireless speakers, but we think the Sonos Play:1 goes instantly to the top of the class.

Setup is simple and the Android app is superb, turning your S4 into a fully featured remote, and letting you easily play back songs on your handset to boot. At £170, it's a bargain, especially as the firm is throwing in a base station until next year. Read the full review here.

£170, Sonos

Classy cases: Wrappers Alcantara

Cosy cases

It's made from the same Alcantara material used in car interiors by Porsche and Maserati, and this case from British designers wrappers will give your S4 a padded pouch to enjoy its life in. They are brilliantly made, and protect your pride and joy well - especially inside a bad, where traditional flip open cases can often accidentally open.

£19, wrappers

A button for anything: Pressy

It started life as a Kickstarter campaign, but pressy is now fully funded, allowing you to add a fully programmable hardware button to your S4 easily.

It comes with three preset actions - including switching on the torch, enabling Silent mode and taking a photo - but can also be customised using an app.

Pressy can also register long and short-presses, as well as a series of clicks to trigger long sequences of commands.

$20, Pressy

Track and tap: Fitbit Force


Fitbit's latest tracking band, the Force is more than just a fitness tracker (according to Fitbit, at least), and has some neat features - for instance, the dinky OLED can show you steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes as well as floors climbed.

Pair it with your new S4 though, and you'll be able to take advantage of a neat NFC feature to open the Fitbit app simply by tapping it against your phone.

It's also the most partner-friendly fitness band, boasting a silent alarm that vibrates your wrist until you're up.

$130, Fitbit


The Galaxy S4 might lack the S Pen smarts of its Galaxy Note 2 cousin, but that shouldn't stop you from creating portable masterpieces or letting your beautifully curvy penmanship go to waste. The Jot Pro sets itself apart from the rest of the styli flock by offering a fine tip and transparent precision disc which lets you track the path of your virtual ink for more accuracy.

£20, Amazon 


Wireless charging pads have become more common over the past few years, so chances are you've got one or two lying around already, set to impress your mates at a moment's notice. If that's the case then a quick swap to this wireless charging cover is all you'll need to juice up your S4's battery in style. You cable-free rascal you.

£30, Expansys