Ultimate Setup: LG G2

The best cases, headphones and accessories for Stuff's favourite smartphone

The LG G2 sits proudly atop the Stuff.tv Top 10 smartphones list – so it deserves to be pampered with some suitably swish accessories.

We've rounded up the kit you need to keep your G2 looking and sounding its best – from cases to headphones.

LG QuickWindow Folio Case (£35)

LG QuickWindow Folio Case

LG's own flip case keeps your phone protected from scratches and scrapes – and allows you to interact with your G2 using LG's nifty QuickWindow UI. A clear window on the front of the flip cover displays time and weather information, notifications and music player controls, as well as letting you snooze your alarm and answer calls – all without unlocking your phone.


Pebble Smartwatch (£135)

Pebble Smartwatch

Stuff's favourite phone deserves to be paired up with Stuff's favourite smartwatch. The Pebble pings up notifications and messages on an easy-to-read e-Ink screen, while an Android Appstore is due to launch soon, adding apps including Yelp and GoPro to your smart wristwear. You can even download a Flappy Bird clone for it.


Anker Astro Mini charger (£14)

Anker Astro Mini charger

This dinky little power pack crams in a 3000mAh battery – the same size as the LG G2's own battery, giving you a full charge in a lipstick-sized package. Perfect for extended trips away from a plug socket. You'll need a micro USB cable, mind.


Jays a-Jays Five headphones (£80)

Jays a-Jays Five headphones

Looking to upgrade your G2's headphones? These in-ears sit nicely in your lugholes and deliver a warm, organic sound, with plenty of dynamics and detail. A flat rubberised cable makes for minimal tangles, while there's an iPhone-style three-button remote that can be programmed using the Jays Headset Control app. It's versatile, too, allowing for long-press and multiple-click control on all three buttons. You need never take your phone out of your pocket again.


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