SoundMagic ES20

The best cases, headphones, accessories for HTC One (M8)

The M8's front speakers are excellent (did we already mention that?), but there might occasionally be times when you don't want to subject your fellow passengers to low–grade R&B jams on the bus. Not many times, admittedly, but there are some. And on those rare occasions, you'll need some quality in-ear headphones. The SoundMagic ES20s were among our pick of the 10 best cheap headphones on the planet for good reason, offering a cosy fit with a clean and sharp sound normally found in far fancier rivals. Not bad for a mere £25. 

£25, buy SoundMagic ES20 headphones here

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Griffin Woodtones

The best cases, headphones, accessories for HTC One (M8)

If in–ears aren’t your thing, then Griffin’s sharp Woodtones cans will be the perfect complement to the sleek design of your new phone. That wood finish will make you feel like your old man kicking back and listening to his Bowie LPs in the '70s. Plus the warm, laid-back sound won’t overwhelm when you crank up the volume. 

£70, buy Griffin Woodtones headphones here

HTC Fetch

The best cases, headphones, accessories for HTC One (M8)

There's nothing worse than losing your keys. Well actually, there is - losing your phone. Ensure you don't lose either with HTC Fetch. This handy fob attaches to your keys (or anything else you choose) and will warn you if you stray too far from your phone. It can also be used to make your phone ring, within 15 metres, if you can't locate it - and if you misplace your keys, you can use the phone to make your Fetch buzz instead. A map function even lets you see when the two were last together, and it'll work as a shutter button for the M8's camera too.

£35, buy HTC Fetch here

AwoX Striimlight SL-B10

The best cases, headphones, accessories for HTC One (M8)

Streaming speakers are a great addition for any smartphone. But how about one that also doubles as a lightbulb? Well AwoX’s Striimlight does just that. It makes our list because as well as Bluetooth smarts it is also HTC Connect certified, meaning it will work seamlessly with your M8. Shove it into any lampshade, hook it up to your phone and it’ll play tunes while lighting up your lounge. Crazy, but it might just work.

£90, buy the AwoX Striimlight here

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The best cases, headphones, accessories for HTC One (M8)

The eyeball–stroking display on the One (M8) has been boosted to 5–inches, with a hefty 441 pixels per inch (ppi). That’s a slight dip on last year’s effort, but you’ll struggle to tell the difference in use. A screen that good is ideal for watching movies on the move and at £6 a month, a Netflix subscription is a must. Whether you're enjoying Netflix exclusives such as House Of Cards or catching up on classics like Breaking Bad, your commute just got a lot less hellish.

£6/month, buy a Netflix subscription here

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