Try this right now: #nwplyng

The 'Foursquare for tunes' turns listening to music into a game. A game with a killer soundtrack
Try this right now: #nwplyng

That's some name. What is #nwplyng?

It’s a free app that ties into a music-based social network – and you can get it on Google Play and the App Store. Ignore the unforgivably on-trend name (a hashtag and deleted vowels? Really?) and it’s a pretty cool idea: share whatever song you’re listening to with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare friends to earn rewards from the service. Share enough tracks from the same band and you become their ‘Band Manager’.

I can manage Queens of the Stone Age? For real?

Try this right now: #nwplyng

Not even slightly for real. You’ll earn a tiny digital badge that says you’re the ‘manager’ of any performer you share ten times or more. In the same way that, even though you check in at The King’s Head every single night on Foursquare, you’re not really its mayor.

So… why do it?

The gamification element is to encourage you to share music you like with friends and followers for the greater good. Likewise, their recommendations feed into a stream of hopefully great new bands for you to enjoy.

In short, it’s a music discovery app that works a little like Spotify’s Facebook integration, but with a smidge of ThisIsMyJam-style personal recommendation rather than auto-sharing the fact you just have the Top Gun soundtrack on repeat.

Will it work with iTunes and Spotify?

Try this right now: #nwplyng

It’ll work with whatever service you like, as the ‘API’ that feeds data from your preferred music source to #nwplyng is flesh and blood: you just type it in or use its Shazam-esque music recognition capabilities.

Typing, huh? I can do that

Well yes, but it would be better with integration into music apps and services. It would also be better if you could buy tracks that are recommended to you direct from the stream, and it would be better if it was on platforms other than iOS and Android (your desktop browser, say).

It would be especially good if any of your mates were actually using it, as right now the recommended music comes mostly from the app’s developers. But it’s early days, the #nwplyng network is young – and as an early adopter of these sorts of things, that’s your cue to pounce.