Try this right now: Moves

After keeping iPhone users fit for the past few months, the ever-vigilant health tracker is now available for Android
Moves on Android and iPhone

So… Moves? It’s a dance step instructor?

Don’t be daft. Moves is an activity tracker app for iOS and, from this week, Android. It uses the motion sensors and GPS in your phone to record walking, running and cycling activity, but unlike most fitness apps it’s designed to be left on all day, not merely switched on for the duration of your workout.

It tracks everything, even walking around the house in the evening?

Moves' Storyline view
Moves' info page
Moves' map screen

Yep. The idea is to build up a complete picture of your daily activity: a visual representation of exercise completed, time taken and locations visited that Moves calls your “Storyline”. Data provided includes steps taken, miles run, minutes cycled and (currently on iOS only) calories burned. The app even knows when you’re travelling by car or bus.

Moves maker Sampo Karjalainen explains: “By showing which parts of your day really contribute to your physical activity, it makes it more concrete and actionable. You can see this if you compare [Storyline] to a standard step counter that just shows the total steps taken.”

Karjalainen also believes that a lot of Moves users find the simple idea of documenting their lives interesting in and of itself. Look at your Moves activity and you have, essentially, an exercise and location diary. You can plot activity on Google Maps, too.