Tour de Force: the 7 best cycling films

4. Belleville Rendezvous

French cartoon comedy without dialogue? Er…quelle surprise, this is utterly charming. A young rider is kidnapped during the Tour de France. His granny and her dog enlist the help of a trio of old-time entertainers to track him down. More bonkers than it sounds. And that's pretty bonkers. 

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5. A Sunday in Hell

Jørgen Leth’s stunning follow-up to The Stars And The Water Carriers is a doc about the Paris-Roubaix, one of cycling’s legendary fixtures. Leth captures the drama, heartbreak and torturous conditions with an atmospheric score. Most of road-racing’s ’70s elite are here.

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6. BMX Bandits

Surely that's not a young Nicole Kidman tearing up the streets in pink and yellow with matching pads? After Bob Haro's biking prowess in E.T., this was the movie that sold a thousand Raleigh Burners. The storyline, featuring bungling robbers and some stolen walkie-talkies, is truly terrible, but this is still essential viewing for the BMX brigade.

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7. Höllentour (aka Hell On Wheels)

An insight into the murky world of the Armstrong-era Tour De France, this documentary follows the (mis)fortunes of the T-Mobile team as they struggle to compete on cycling's biggest stage.

It heavily focuses on the relationship between Erik Zabel and team-mate Rolf Aldag. The moments where Zabel talks frankly about how he can't compete with his rivals are heartbreaking – he looks and sounds like an also-ran rather than the man who'd previously won the green jersey for six consecutive years from 1996 to 2001. Shame about a soundtrack that's straight outta the '80s.

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