Through the PRISM – how to disappear online

How to disappear online

Through the PRISM – how to disappear online

Deleting your profiles does nothing. Even if you have the iron willpower required to wait out Facebook's 14 day de-activation drought (after which your account is truly 'deleted'), your information remains behind the scenes, hidden, but definitely not forgotten.

The answer then, is misinformation – Ahearn's secret weapon. "Update your account profiles with fake information. Move to London, then spend two weeks in Scotland". This will ensure that the echoes of your profile information will be incorrect long after you've deleted your account and you'll be much harder to find.

Google Glass

Through the PRISM – how to disappear online

"Google Glass will be the first time we're physically aware of being watched while out in public". In cities like London, the masses are already being tracked by thousands of cameras. We're all aware of it and yet, how many of us walk past a McDonalds and think about how many angles our faces are being captured from?

Google Glass will make it real, and we'll have to adapt to the consequences of being openly watched, or reject it entirely.

Now if you'll excuse us, were off to wrap our faces in sheets of reflective metal before finishing off our homemade Faraday Cage.

Frank M. Ahearn is a leading Digital Manipulator and author of How to Disappear and Digital Hit Man. He is an expert on all the techniques that the CIA have used and teaches them to leading professionals around the world. Disappear.Info

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