Stuff Innovators 2014: Superheroes of Tech

They range from VR revolutionaries to vinyl pioneers, and they’ve given us everything from hoverbikes to robot servants. It’s time to meet the Stuff Innovators of 2014
Stuff Innovators 2014: Superheroes of Tech

Let's start with what this list isn't. It's not a list of the 50 most famous people in tech. Or the 50 most powerful. Or the 50 richest. It's much more important than that.

The Stuff Innovators 2014 list is a list of the people who are shaping our future; the geniuses who are going beyond ordinary geekdom to remake the modern world.

Within it you'll find names you recognise and many you won't. But all are thoroughly deserving of inclusion, and all are worth committing to memory.


Life, circa 2016: you'll be woken by the gentle singing of your domestic robot, who'll bring you breakfast (Urgh! Space rations again!) then beam the news headlines directly into your brain.

Your house will transform itself around you, becoming first a hovercar to drive you to work, then your office itself. Your virtual PA will greet you, then... alright, so maybe 2016 is a bit optimistic. But 2017? You bet.

Whatever. We may not be driving hovercars quite as soon as 2015, but we will be doing plenty of other ridiculously cool things which would've seemed fanciful even a few years ago. From robot vacuums to smartwatches to 3D printers, daily life is changing at a dizzying pace. And we have these 15 people to thank for that.

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Technology lives or dies by its design. We can waffle about specs until we're blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is, all the octa-core processors in the world won't make a difference if they're packaged inside something that looks like a dog's dinner.

Whether it's making our interactions with products more intuitive, decluttering our daily lives or simply making things that little bit more beautiful, we need good design in our lives. We've picked out five design innovators whose work is set to change our lives; giving us new ways to interact with the technology that's becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and reshaping the world around us.

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Travel broadens the mind, they say – and these innovators are blowing our noodle with new ways of getting from A to B.

They're realising childhood dreams of space travel and hover bikes, changing the way we get navigate our cities, and even saving the planet with eco-vehicles that'll go to the ends of the Earth on a teaspoon of fuel.

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Throughout history, entertainment and technology have gone hand in hand.

From the introduction of the printing press to the invention of the film camera, technological leaps have redefined existing entertainment media, and created whole new forms of entertainment.

And if you thought that the pace of change was slowing down, think again: these visionaries are reinventing the way we play video games, watch movies and listen to music.

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A healthy body is a healthy mind – and these innovators are flexing their brain muscles to keep the rest of us fit.

They've come up with new ways of tracking our activities, games that mind-hack us into burning calories, and inventing ever more intuitive devices to help us on the path to wellness. So really, you have no excuse: put down that cake, and get on your (smart) bike.

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Money can't buy you love, apparently. But it sure can buy you a lot of cool tech toys.

That's the reason why we here at Stuff want more of it, and that's the reason why the individuals here are so deserving of being in our Innovators 2014 list. Some of them help us save money, some of them help us make money. Some of them even point to a new way of using money, one where cold, hard cash becomes cold, dead cash and all transactions are instead conducted digitally.

Either way, they're all going to play a big part in your future finances.

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With a little help from our friends

Sometimes, it's nice to get a fresh viewpoint, so we asked our friends at Dezeen and NME to give us some assistance with determining our innovators. Keep an eye out for their comments throughout the feature.


Dezeen is one of the world’s most popular and influential online architecture and design magazines, reporting daily on cutting edge projects from around the world. Its founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs (@marcusfairs) contributed ten of the names you'll read about, and wrote some lovely words about five of our 50 entries, including Nest's Tony Fadell and Apple's Jony Ive.