Stuff at 15: future tech predictions for the next 15 years

2020: First 8K TV broadcast

15 tech predictions for the future

Forget 4K. 8K is the future, and we've confirmed with our own eyeballs just how insanely clear 8K content can be. Televisions become windows into other worlds so realistic, you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

Major Japanese broadcaster NHK will have an 8K TV broadcasting testing service in place by 2016, with a more general rollout set for 2020.

The thought of watching a new series of Planet Earth in stunning 8K resolution brings tears to our eyes. We just hope Sir David Attenborough and his glorious voice will still be around to enthrall us.

2021: Smartphone batteries last 3 days, charge in seconds

15 tech predictions for the future

For all their megapixels, gigahertz and HD screens, smartphones are still stuck in the past when it comes to battery life. We want days, not hours damn it. Is that too much to ask?

Luckily for us, there are plenty of options out there.

Our trusty friend graphene returns again, this time as a power source. Instead of producing a current through a chemical reaction like a typical battery, a graphene supercapacitor is simply able to store and release energy. 

While it's currently only got half the capacity of a standard lithium-ion battery, in can be charged up in seconds.

If longer battery life is what you're after then silicon batteries are another option. They've got several times the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries, meaning you can cram in a lot more power into the same space.

2022: Dogecoin becomes global currency

15 tech predictions for the future

"One Soylent Green latte please".

"Thank you, valued customer Alpha-01-12-345-7B. That will be 94.75 Dogecoins".

"Can I get an extra shot of protein in that?".

"Certainly. Updated total: 96.75 Dogecoins. Please collect request from beverage receptacle".

"Thank you. Google be with you".

"And with you".

2023: Google/NASA's quantum-brain AI verified as sentient

15 tech predictions for the future

By 2023, Google will have taken over our houses, cars, phones, watches, glasses, toothbrushes and toasters. 

Having successfully conquered Earth, it will look to new horizons by joining forces with NASA to bring Android to the moon. And beyond…

2024: 4G reaches Cornwall

15 tech predictions for the future

While the rest of the country is busy downloading 20k films in seconds over ∞G, poor Cornwallians will only just now have entered the 4G era.

Too busy perfecting lab-grown Cornish pasties to notice, it'll only be the London tourists who are cursing the aged mobile data tech.