Smartphone supertest: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG G5 vs iPhone 6s vs HTC 10

And the winner is… Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Far from getting too comfy on its laurels when following up our favourite phone of 2015, Samsung has retained everything that was already great about the Edge and sprinkled it with a dash of added brilliance. This flagship feels better in the hand than ever before, while its new water-resistance and microSD storage are both truly useful extras.

Of course, this has been a supremely close contest. If you yearn for the simplicity of Apple’s iPhone 6s, the innovation of LG’s G5 or the slick design of the HTC 10, don’t feel bad about it. They are all splendid smartphones that we could happily furnish our pockets with for a couple of years. But given the choice, we would rather spend that time with the magnificent Galaxy S7 Edge.