Six-and-a-half reasons I miss my old tech

In our rush to update to the latest technology, we're forgetting that there is much to be learned from our obsolete kit, argues Ced Yuen
Everything old is new again

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that shiny gadgets make life better. And there’s no better time to get into tech: on a monthly basis, something is released that makes the last big thing look inadequate.

I look at older tech and can’t help feeling smug. My pocket contains a device with more processing power than a PC I once built, which wouldn’t even fit on a desk. Yes, this is the future.

But is that enough? I don’t think so. For all the excitement and opportunity afforded by the territory, we’re zooming ahead more quickly than we should. There is still much to be learned – and from the stuff we consider obsolete.

Ninja approved

Take the ubiquitous smartphone. Mine is one of the latest and shiniest. It has more cores than I need and more pixels than I can see. And yet it has me pining for my Nokia 3310. I’m not saying it’s a better device, but it does have the basics I would expect from a portable device, constantly in use.

I miss its battery (1), which could last a week without charging. I miss its ability to survive countless encounters with the pavement (2). My Ninjutsu instructor once dedicated a training session to using it as a hammer in a fight.

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