Shades for days: the 11 best pairs of sunglasses for summer 2019

Parting clouds got you running for cover? Shield your peepers with these stellar specs

It’s spring, which, in the prophetic words of George Harrison, means only one thing: here comes the sun.

Or, rather, here come 11 days of relative warmth, a handful of headline-making heatwaves, a smattering of intermittent showers and a not insignificant chance of needing a jumper in July.

How to handle such meteorological mayhem? Don a dark pair of sunglasses, hunker down in your favourite armchair and wait for it all to blow over while watching a Wimbledon washout on the box.

And, just in case you’ve lost your specs from last year, we’ve peeped through a plethora of the latest pairs to find ten of the best to shield your eyes from summer uncertainty. The grumbles are up to you.