Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultimate Setup

So you've got a Galaxy S5 – here's how to make the most of Samsung's new superphone, with our collection of awesome accessories
Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Cover

So, you've just taken delivery of your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5 – the most feature-packed smartphone on the planet.

But how to make the most of those features? You need to tool up with some accessories. We've picked out the best headphones, cases and kit for music, gaming and everyday use.

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Extra battery kit (£30)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit

One of the advantages of the Galaxy S5 is that you don't need to faff about with unsightly battery cases or bulky battery packs; if you're running low on juice you can just pop the back off and swap the removable battery out with a replacement. Of course, first you need your replacement battery; pick up two or three and even the longest of long-haul flights will hold no terrors for you.

Sol Republic Master Tracks (£170)

Sol Republic Master Tracks

We called these over-ear cans "light, comfortable and virtually indestructible,"  in our review – so they'll sit nicely alongside the newly-ruggedised Galaxy S5. They're nicely understated in gunmetal, white or blue finishes, and deliver balanced, dynamic sound with plenty of poise and detail.

S View Flip Cover (£37)

Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Cover

The Galaxy S5's plastic build has its detractors, it's fair to say. But that removable back cover has one key advantage over swanky metal and glass affairs – you can swap it out for Samsung's neatly-designed S View Flip Cover, giving you extra screen protection without adding bulk. There's a handy S View window in the cover, so you can check your notifications and answer calls on a customised screen; cleverly, your phone detects the colour of your S View cover and changes the colour of the window display to match it.

Moga Hero Power controller (US$60)

Moga Hero Power controller

Yes, Samsung has an official Wireless Gamepad, and very nice it is too. But it's bulky, heavy and – crucially – lacks dual trigger buttons. This effort from Moga packs a full Xbox 360 controller layout, including twin analogue sticks, D-pad and dual triggers (a requirement for console ports like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

It also packs a 1800mAh onboard battery that can – in a pinch – be used to charge your phone, as well as a handy gripper arm for gaming on the go.

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