Power up your iPhone and iPad with these essential iOS 8 extensions and widgets

Enhance your iOS photos with powerful filters and editing tools

The best iOS 8 extensions and widgets for iPhone and iPad
The best iOS 8 extensions and widgets for iPhone and iPad
The best iOS 8 extensions and widgets for iPhone and iPad

Image editors can ‘inject’ features into Photos, thereafter accessed via the (…) button in Edit mode. Be wary: Photos edits are non-destructive, but some extensions reduce an image’s resolution during output. Use duplicates, which you can create with Duplicate Photo (see previous page). Also note you will need to launch each app and grant it access to your photos before using its Photos extension.

Pixelmator£7.99 • iPad

Pixelmator’s capabilities within Photos are photographic in nature, such as applying noise, vintage filters, light leaks, bokeh, and vignettes. Most effects can be carefully fine-tuned, unlike its rivals’ tendency towards one-tap application. However, the extension can annoyingly only apply a single effect per edit.

Camera+£2.29 • iPhone

Pretty much the entire Camera+ editing feature-set comes along for the ride here. Where there’s overlap with Photos itself — cropping; filters — you get more of everything; but Camera+ adds further effects, such as duotones and fine-grained colour/exposure controls. Note that the iPad version currently lacks an extension.

Camera Plus£1.49 • iPad/iPhone

Camera Plus is worth adding to your Photos extensions toolkit for one reason: text. Ignore the ‘Pix’d’ auto-adjust and run-of-the-mill filters. Instead, tap Text and delve into the excellent tools for adding words to your images, including the means to adjust fonts, colours, spacing and opacity.

Fragment£1.49 • iPad/iPhone

Fragment isn’t the most practical photo effects extension, but it can result in dazzling imagery. The tools within smash your photo into ‘prismatic art’, collages of glass-like shapes, reflections and colour that can have their tints and angles fine-tuned. It’s lightning-fast and enthralling.

ProCam 2 for iPhone or iPad£3.99 • iPad/iPhone (separate apps)

ProCam has the usual selection of adjustment sliders and filters, but the real prize is a set of lens effects. Now right from within Photos, you can add tilt-shift, fisheye, macro and kaleidoscope effects; a before/after button enables you to quickly switch between the original and edited photo.

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