Minifigure masterpieces: 10 of the best stop motion Lego movies

Portal - Lego Stop Motion

We challenge you to sit through this entire Portal-themed movie without nodding your head or tapping your feet to the excellent ending song sung by GLaDOS. Now if you'll excuse us, we've suddenly developed a massive hankering for a slice of moist, tasty cake.

"Mission Assembled" Lego superhero stop motion movie

Ok, so this doesn't have the same level of polish and dazzling effects as some of the other entries. But it's 21 minutes long, damn it, and it was made by a loving dad as a surprise birthday present for his son's eighth birthday.

Combining more superheroes than you can shake a glove at, it's every little kid's Lego dream come true.

Star Wars: The Han Solo Affair

From the creators of the Spiderman Lego short movie comes this Star Wars-themed snippet which follows Han Solo's carbonite imprisonment. This version didn't make the final cut for the actual movie, but it exists here in all its blocky glory.

Lego Shopping

Supermarkets are only ahead of garden centres and dentists on the scale of boring establishments, but all it takes to make them exciting is a little dash of Lego.

Created by Lego master Michael Hickox, it's by far the best supermarket-themed Lego movie you'll ever need to see.

Lego zombie hunters

We know what you're thinking. What good is a Lego zombie movie when Lego pieces don't come with blood, brains and guts to spill? Luckily this flick has all of the above and more, thanks to some very well done (and pretty gruesome) special effects.

We'll never look at red plasticine in the same way again.

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