LG G2 vs LG G3: 10 reasons to upgrade

6. It supports wireless charging

We're still waiting for wireless charging to take over the world as it surely will one day, but every new smartphone that supports it brings us a step closer to our glorious future. Ahem.

The G3 is compatible with Qi's wireless charging tech and if you spend a little extra on LG's own Wireless Charger you'll be able to power it up without having to plug it in. Whatever next - driverless cars?

7. It has a better screen

A bit of a biggie, this one. The G2 was no slouch in the screen department, with a 5.2in, 1080p display and pixel density of 423ppi. Well on specs alone the G3 makes it look like a torn sheet of papyrus - the new phone has a 5.5in screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and ppi of 538. 

Does it make any difference? Yes, of course it does. How much is still to be determined, but when we went in search of extra sharpness, it soon became apparent. In everyday use? We'll see.

Not that it matters, because the G3's screen beats the G2's anyway. Colours are more natural, contrast is excellent and blacks are deep. 

8. It has a smarter keyboard

LG has revamped the keyboard for the G3, giving it several new features that should make it easier to type on. As well as including software tricks which LG says will reduce input errors by more than 75%, the new keyboard will be far more customisable. So, you'll be able to make it taller to better suit your hamburger-like hands and give individual keys dual functions for commonly used symbols. A keyboard is the kind of thing you need to use for a while before passing judgement on it, so we won't. But greater customisation can only be a good thing.

9. It has a cleaner UI

LG's heavily skinned version of Android wasn't the G2's best feature, so we're glad that it's been pared back a bit for the G3. Design-wise it's a much simpler affair, with flatter icons and muted colours in place of the often rather shouty skin on the G2.

It's also slick in operation: simple to navigate and responsive to boot. We've no idea if an update will bring it to the G2, but treat yourself to the G3 and you'll get it right out of the box. Oh, and the G3 runs Android 4.4 KitKat as standard too.

10. It has a few nifty extras

LG's reduced much of the clutter in the OS, ditching some 30% of the bloatware that took up so much space on the G2. But it has seen fit to include a few new apps of its own. Come on, no manufacturer would ever release a new phone without including a few vanity projects.

Anyway, one of the LG apps, Smart Notice, actually promises to be quite useful. It's a sort of Google Now Plus A Bit More with several tricks up its sleeve. Like Google Now, it will act all protective parent from time to time, suggesting that you take an umbrella with you if it sees that it's about to rain and that you're about to go out. Or reminding you to call someone back if you earlier rejected their call. On second thoughts, that could get quite annoying. Still, it'll also keep track of your app usage and prompt you to uninstall software you're no longer using, and that could be handy.

The one we really like, though, is Knock Code. We've seen it before on the G Pro 2, but seeing as none of you will have bought that phone, here's a video of it in action:

The G2 already has Knock On, which enables you to wake the handset with a double-tap of the screen. Knock Code takes things one step further: you set a code in the form of a sequence of taps around the screen, and can use it to wake and open your phone, without needing to input a separate PIN. Now that really could be a time saver. 

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