At last, a device that scrambles eggs without breaking them

The Golden Goose is probably the only egg centrifuge you'll buy this year
Golden Goose Kickstarter

The egg: mankind's greatest culinary adversary. One moment you think you've got your omelette all planned out, the next you're thrashing helplessly in a puddle of egg-mess, shouting at yourself in yolk-smeared rage. 

Okay, it's not that difficult to beat an egg. But you do end up with an eggy bowl and fork (or whisk, depending on how fancy you are) to wash up. The Golden Goose is a human-powered egg-spinning device that subjects your egg to terrific rotational forces, leaving the outside untouched but turning the inside into a pre-scrambled custard the creators reverently call 'Golden Egg'.  

Place a raw egg inside the Egg Containment Area, click the Egg Module shut and start heaving on those ropes. As the cords twist and untwist, the egg spins like a mad astronaut at a zero-G disco, combining the yolk and the white into pure, golden wobblecream. Crack that Golden Egg straight into a pan for scrambled eggs or an omelette, or - better yet - soft-boil it for a unique custardy ovoid.

We've even seen evidence on the Golden Goose Kickstarter page that Golden Eggs can be breadcrumbed and deep-fried, and it is some tasty-looking evidence. 

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Pull the ova one

 Obviously you want an eggcelerator right this minute, so you can buy several large boxes of Burford Browns (the thinking man's chickenfruit) and make them all golden, but you'll have to wait. It's a Kickstarter project, you see, which means you won't get one until October. Which is a pity, but at least it'll give you time to clear some space for it between the Garlic Spade and the Blancmange Hose and all the other superfluous kitchen gadgets you've already bought and used once.  

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