Instagram unfiltered: 16 great features you might not know about

Untag yourself

Instagram, much like Facebook, is a largely public domain. However, Instagram, unlike Facebook, doesn't allow you to limit access of your profile for different lists of people. And sometimes you really don’t want to be tagged in someone’s photos because your boss is following you and you were supposed to be at home sick.

Make it happen: Before they realise, head over to the last icon on your profile which will bring up all photos that you’ve been tagged in on Instagram and tap on the (...) icon to bring up Edit Tags and select the incriminating photos you want to Hide from My Profile.

If you want to have more control and prevent awkward situations from happening, you can hit Settings to approve future tagged photos.

Layer your filters

You might be able to adjust the intensity of your chosen filter, but sometimes one (even at 100%) isn’t enough for you. If you're too lazy to edit it via another app, you can layer filters onto the same photo within Instagram itself.

Make it happen: Add a filter as usual, then hit the arrow to take you to the caption screen. Instead of posting it, just go back or quit the app, and the filtered photo will be saved in your phone/tablet's album. Open it up again, apply another filter, and there you have it. You can slap as many filters you want, as many times as you want on the same photo, though it'll probably become unrecognisable after the third or fourth go.

Righting wrongs

When you’re in a rush to get your Instagram post up as soon as possible, it's all too easy to make a typo in your caption or mistag a place. But don’t worry, your mistakes don’t have to live on forever in your Instagram feed. There’s a way back from clumsy finger condemnation.

Make it happen: Tap on the photo that you want to edit the information of, and then tap on the (...) icon. Hit Edit and then correct those mistakes. The Internet is pretty forgiving these days, unless someone has already screenshotted your mistakes. Though why on earth they'd go to all that trouble is beyond us.

Jogging your memory

You might find yourself trying to tell a friend about a great photo you saw and liked, but you can’t remember whose photo it was thanks to your ailing memory. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, Instagram remembers for you.

Make it happen: The last icon from the left (...) lets you bring up your Options sidebar. From there, you can tap on Posts You’ve Liked to, well, bring up all the photos you've liked. As far as we can tell, it dates back to a good 15 weeks ago, which should be more than enough.

Find people to follow

If you’re already sick of all the accounts you’re following and are in need of fresh photo blood, you don’t have to rely on the search icon to bring up random followers (although that’s also a good place to begin). If you’re seeking something less random, there might be friends who are on Instagram that you haven’t realised yet.

Make it happen: Again, hit the Options sidebar and then Find People to Follow. It will offer you suggestions based on your Facebook or phone contacts. You can hit Follow All for convenience or scan through the ones with more interesting feeds based on the preview of four photos for each account.