Indie watch: These are the best indie games of 2015

6. Hyper Light Drifter

Inspired by the 2D action RPGs of old, Hyper Light Drifter is a love letter to years gone by.

Paying homage to titles such as A Link to the Past and Diablo by ushering them into the modern era, Hyper Light Drifter puts players in the 8-bit shoes of the titular Drifter: a collector of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies, and broken histories.

Heart Machine's crowdfunded title will be heading to - quite literally - every single platform later this year. Yes, even Ouya.

Release date: TBC 2015

7. Below

Announced back in 2013, Capybara Games' "rougelike-like" Below has been on our radar for quite some time. A top-down dungeon crawler that's as gruelling as it is beautiful, this Xbox One timed-exclusive is the biggest undertaking in the indie developer's short history.

Currently scheduled for a 2015 release, but unfortunately still without a confirmed launch date, the only thing we know for sure right now is that Below is an absolute stunner. Seriously, take a look.

Release date: TBC 2015

8. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

A uniquely British apocalypse, The Chinese Room's upcoming PS4 exclusive Everybody's Gone to the Rapture may well just be the first - and last - game to showcase what the end of the world would look like if you happened to live in sunny Shropshire.

Described by the team as the spiritual successor to Dear Esther, if you've a soft spot for moody, atmospheric, and intelligent gaming, you might want to stick this one on your 'must have' list.

Release date: Summer 2015

9. The Witness

Initially slated for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, first-person 3D puzzler The Witness is famed indie developer Jonathan Blow's latest crack of the whip.

Pitched by the Braid mastermind as "an action exportation-puzzle game on an uninhabited island" - something that'll surely please fans of Myst - The Witness will now launch on PS4, PC and iOS later this year.

Release date: TBC 2015

10. Cuphead

Cuphead wowed onlookers when it was unveiled at last year's E3, and one glance at the trailer above will tell you exactly why.

Inspired by the works of 1930s cartoonists, Cuphead is described by Canadian development duo Chad and Jared Moldenhauer as "a classic run and gun that centers around 1-on-1 fights", with the brothers looking to breathe new life into the genre by adding super arts, infinite lives, a playable world map, and unpredictable bosses.

Release date: TBC 2015

11. Honourable mention: Shape of the World

OK, OK, we know: Shape of the World has actually been given a 2016 release date. But, come on, just look at it!

Perhaps one of the most intriguing, mesmerising titles we've had the fortune of seeing this year, Shape of the World is an exploration game with existential overtones.

Set in a reactive world that literally grows around the player, it's been described by its four-man development team as a mere "walking simulator”. As you're about to be made aware, however, words really don't do justice to this game.

Watch and wonder.

Release date: TBC 2016