Intermediate: 5) Restore deleted photos/videos

The bin holds photos for 60 days, so if you change your mind about a snap you can restore it with just a few taps. Just hit the menu button, select 'Bin', and pick the photos you wish to restore.

This is a very handy feature, especially if you have kids, pets or prankster flatmates at home who might accidently delete your photos.

One further note of warning: if your library is synced with your phone or tablet, deleting photos or videos will also remove them from your device. You can delete images uploaded from your computer without it having any affect on the originals, though.

6) Edit your photos

While not exactly rivalling Photoshop for features, Google Photos does have some built-in editing tools. To use them, simply hit the little pencil icon on a photo you'd like to edit.

The adjustments are best described as 'basic', but they're easily good enough for most needs. Light changes the brightness, Colour ups the saturation, Pop controls the vibrance and Vignette the, er, vignetting. You can also apply Instagram-style filters to all those shots of your dinner, and crop or rotate pictures.

The best part is that, since it’s already in the cloud, you don’t have to sync or upload the picture again.