Here's why Spotify is about to get even awesomer

The music streaming giant is about to learn new social and playlist tricks to keep us subscribing
Here's why Spotify is about to get even awesomer

We are unabashed in our love for Spotify (it won best music streaming service in Stuff's May 2013 issue), but we have a bugbear: it's a little bit rubbish at social. 

Spotify knows this, which is why it's bolstering its music streaming arsenal with new features that will make it easier to share and discover new music.

Party in a box

Ok, so it can't take care of the snacks, balloons or your buzz-killing dentist friend, but Spotify will soon be able to sort out the music at your next party without you having to worry about creating the perfect playlist. 

A new feature called Browse (the fruition of Spotify's acquisition of Tunigo) lets you traverse Spotify playlists, finding the ideal mix of tracks for every mood and moment. From pumping house parties to melancholic break-ups, you'll never waste time cooking up a track list again – theoretically anyway. If we get Justin Bieber on our lunchtime run then our love affair with Spotify will sadly be over, so we'll remain tentaively optimistic until our official ears-on review.

Browse also highlights new releases as well as genre-based playlists to introduce to you to new musical flavours you might otherwise not have considered. Swedish funk-metal anyone?

Whether or not it matches the standard set by Songza's existing service remains to be seen, but it's a welcome step in the right direction.

The new Browse feature is now available on iOS and Android devices and should be rolling out to desktop and web versions of Spotify over the next few weeks.

Message in a bottle

No, Spotify hasn't replaced its entire library with The Police's 1979 number one hit. Rather, the Inbox has been replaced by Messages which finally lets you have conversations with your friends whenever you share songs, albums or playlists with them.

Finally, you can tell your mum exactly how far she has to fast forward to get to your favourite Skrillex drop, or tell that special someone that Lil Wayne's "Back That Azz Up" reminds you of them.

Messages will land on the Spotify web client in the next few weeks before settling into the desktop and mobile apps.

Constantly evolving

This update is just the latest in a long line of features Spotify has added to its roster over the past year. From its personal recommendations Discover page and web player which launched in March, to its Twitter #music integration and voice-controlled app in Ford's cars, we look forward to seeing what the music streaming giant has next on its set list.