Hatched: the 101 best Easter eggs in tech history

The web

The internet is chock-a-block with crafty easter eggs that are just waiting to be unearthed by observant surfers…

Facebook pirates

On your Facebook home screen, head into the settings menu at the top-right of the page and click on the language option. Alongside the usual UK and US versions of English you can opt for pirate and upside-down dialects. Shiver me timbers!

Nosh.com 404 page

Being directed to an error page isn’t usually a cause for celebration, but Nosh.com’s ‘404’ used to be the exception. Until recently, a video depicted the battle between Nosh’s armed operatives and the ‘hostile’ web page that was looking to escape your clutches. It appears to have been taken down now - but you can still see it by heading here

Make YouTube crazy

Want to add something different (and totally pointless) to your YouTube viewing session? Simply hold your cursor over the player window and type "awesome" to transform the progress bar into a strobing technicolour rainbow nightmare.

Wikipedia being all meta

The Wikipedia entry for Easter egg (media) actually includes an example of an Easter egg in its main image...

IMDB.com: Spinal Tap

Head over to www.imdb.com and search for This Is Spinal Tap and you might notice something odd about the rating

The Book of Mozilla

Type ‘about:mozilla’ into the address bar of Firefox to access a quote from Mozilla’s Biblical parody, an ongoing easter egg that first appeared in Netscape 1.1 back in the days when social networking simply meant ‘going to the pub’.

Google's best easter eggs

We could fill an entire article with Google easter eggs alone - there are dozens of them out there. We've no idea how they find the time - shouldn't they be off ruling the world or something? Anyway, here are some highlights: 

Barrel roll

Google likes to hide surprises in its search engine that get triggered by the right phrase, the sneaky devil. Try searching for ‘do a barrel roll’ for one such egg.

Google Maps

Take a peek at map reference +45° 7’25.87”, -123° 6’48.97” (above), or ask for directions from 37.646362, -115.751004 to 37.646566, -115.750982, then switch on satellite mode.


Search for 'Askew' and your results will be a little, well, askew.

Offline dinosaur

If you're using Chrome on a phone without an internet connection, you'll get a little error dinosaur screen. Tap that dino and it'll launch a pixellated, monochrome endless runner game to keep you enteratined until you find Wi-Fi again.

Google Atari Breakout

Head over to google images and search for 'Atari Breakout' for an instant bit of retro gaming fun. 

Pac maps

Head to Google Maps around April Fool's Day every year for a chance to navigate a hungry Pac-Man throughout your local area or wherever you choose: just click the Pac-Man button in the bottom left corner and you're away!

iGoogle Nessie

The Scots beastie appears in iGoogle’s Beach theme. In a reference to pi, Nessie surfaces at 3:14am daily. Other themes include UFOs and the Northern Lights.

Google Zerg rush

Searching for ‘zerg rush’ in Google will result in a bunch of pesky ‘O’s invading the page and killing off all of the search results. You can kill them off by shooting them with the mouse cursor, but you’ll soon be overwhelmed - just like you would have been by an onslaught of Zerg enemies in StarCraft, where the term originated.