Hatched: the 101 best Easter eggs in tech history


Software and websites might be common hidey-holes for secret treats, but hardware has its fair share of surprises, too…

Infineon PMB5703

This chip handled transmission and reception in some of the earliest Samsung Galaxy tablets and it also carried a two-micron high message: “If you can read this you are much too close”. The width of an average human hair is 99 microns.

HP 54600B

Tetris gets everywhere. To play it on this oscilloscope press Print Utility, then the second and third buttons from the left, below the display, together. No, you probably don't own this oscilloscope.

AMD Athlon chip

Chips are home to many an easter egg. These minuscule images of Texas and a firing gun were found lurking on AMD’s Athlon K7650 CURBBA chip by Chipworks, which has an online gallery of silicon artworks.

Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Keyboard owners can play Minesweeper or GoMoKu instead of reading that boring old ebook. Press Home, then hold down Alt, Shift, M.

Apple’s Mighty Mouse

The red LED emitter beneath Apple’s wired Mac mouse harbours a sly secret. Hold the mouse above your desk and the glow it casts will reveal its mystery: an image of a mouse’s head.

ZX Spectrum

Got a working ZX spectrum lying around? Head to the 128 Basic editor, type 'copy randomize', press enter and rapidly hold the C, J and L keys before you hear the error tone and - hooray! - you'll be rewarded with a technicolour hello screen.

Tesla treat

If you're lucky enough to own a Tesla, you'll find more than one easter egg hidden in its software. Once such treat pops up when you double-tap the 'T' on the centre touchscreen. The screen will turn white and a full Paint-style app will be yours to play with.