Five beautiful ways to keep cool during the heatwave

Chances are you’re probably too toasty today, so chill out with one of these designer fans
Stadler Form Q

While we welcome the respite from the classic wet British summer, there are times when it simply makes our non-air conditioned homes uncomfortably sauna-esque. But there are plenty of cool ways to keep cool, as these gorgeous air-movers demonstrate.

Stadler Form Otto (€140)

Stadler Form Otto

From the drawing board of Swiss designer Carl Borer, the Otto fan is crafted from formed wood, which has been oiled twice to keep it looking glorious. A generous 37cm in diameter, it features two speeds, quiet operation and height-adjustable feet.

Dyson Hot + Cool (from £300)

Dyson Hot + Cool

The famous Dyson Hot + Cool is, as the name suggests, both a fan and a heater, meaning it’ll come in useful when the weather inevitably turns awful in two or three weeks. Bladeless, it uses Dyson’s patented Air Multiplication technology to push air at a user-set speed – all the while being totally kid safe. It’s available in a wide range of colour finishes too.

Hunter Classic (from £720)

Hunter Classic

Pretend you’re living in sultry Tennessee circa 1890 with Hunter's classic American-style ceiling fan, whose five wide wooden blades will cool large rooms in a quiet, languid southern style. You’ll have to supply the iced tea and white linen suit.

Prem-I-Air Chrome (£70)


Another retro-inspired air-chopper, this 50s-style, chrome-finished “high velocity air circulator” is designed for floor placement. At 45cm in width and boasting three speeds, the Prem-I-Air will cool a decent-sized room, and give you all sorts of authentic “I’m a hard-boiled private detective” cred at the same time.

Stadler Form Q (£150)

Stadler Form Q

If your tastes run more towards the ultra-modern side of things, there’s probably no more stylish option than the Q, which is a fan… in the shape of a Q. Like the Otto above, it’s designed by Carl Borer, who has crafted a solid-but-beautiful object out of stainless steel and aluminium. It offers three speeds, and its 43cm diameter makes it suitable for the floor or a tabletop.